<h2><font color = "ffffff">REVERSE THE ODDS</font><font color = "ffffff">


Cancer Research had huge amounts of data, and it all needed to be analysed by human beings. Reverse The Odds was created so thousands of players could help in an entertaining way. Analysing in the same way researchers do, it enabled thousands of players to analyse cancer slides far faster than the scientists were able to. I storyboarded, produced the characters, backdrops, UI and animations using 3D Studio Max, Character Studio, Photoshop, Xara and After Effects.

Client / Copyright: Chunk Digital, Channel 4, Cancer Research UK

<h2></font><font color = "ffffff">FLY HIGH AND HUGGY


Web based games for the BBC kids websites (CBBC & Cbeebies) based on the animated characters from the kids TV show of the same name. I produced and oversaw all art production for two games, one for the Cbeebies website (under 7's) and the CBBC website (7-14 year olds) Using Flash, Illustrator, Xara & Photoshop.

Client / Copyright: Chunk Digital, BBC, Jam

<h2></font><font color = "ffffff">BROKEN SWORD


I was contracted to plan, storyboard, animate and composite the intro sequence for this title. Maya and 3D Studio Max were used for animating, compositing and effects were added using After Effects.

Client / Copyright: EM Studios for Revolution Software.

<h2></font><font color = "ffffff">PETER RABBIT</font>


Web-based game for the BBC Cbeebies website, based on the characters from the children's TV show. I produced all art to a very tight six week deadline using 3DS Max, Photoshop & Xara.

Client / Copyright: Chunk Digital, BBC Cbeebies